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Critical networking and communications solutions for essential services

Datrix designs, delivers and maintains critical network, cloud and communications solutions for some of the UK’s largest public and private institutions. From the NHS and government bodies to universities and private enterprise, each system is bespoke to the organisation and designed to help it provide vital services with seamless reliability and security.

We have 25 years of experience in ensuring our network and communications solutions are accessible, robust and compliant, with many clients depending on our technology and expertise to deliver life-critical services.

Deliver more value to your organisation and the end-user 

From empowering employees to work more effectively and collaboratively across any device, to managing and integrating disruptive technologies, we ensure that every aspect of your solution is optimised to deliver an exceptionally high level of performance that is both cost-effective and completely secure.

Whether you want to achieve total visibility and control over your network, identify, monitor and eliminate threats or comply with industry legislation, we have spent decades helping IT departments to deliver more value to their organisations and are recognised as one of the top partners in Europe by Extreme Networks and Unify Enterprise Communications.

Take advantage of industry-leading technology, partnerships and expertise

We are accredited across multiple ISO Standards, meaning our solutions comply with international best -practice, and we offer a flexible, tailored procurement path to help public sector organisations work more effectively within a government-approved framework and private companies to reduce capital expenditure.

We offer the most specialised cloud platform in Europe for voice communications, including video, chat and conferencing, while our critical networking solutions encompass LAN and Wireless LAN from the core to the access layer, incorporating security at the perimeter with WAN and internet services. 

Combined with some of the most experienced and qualified technical experts in the industry, it goes some way to explaining why we are trusted by so many major organisations to manage and optimise their IT investment and business operations.

We don't compromise on our values

  • We are committed to supporting the needs and demands of our customers.
  • We are collaborative and respectful
  • We embrace a learning mind-set and always seek new ways to improve our practices and services
  • We believe in personal accountability: getting things done and owning them to completion
  • We are honest, fair and sincere in all our dealings
Employing some of the most experienced and qualified technical experts, and integrating best-of-breed technology from the industry’s leading vendors, Datrix is a trusted business partner that can help you manage and optimise your IT investment and business operations.
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