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Network-Powered Application Analytics and Optimisation


Purview is a Network-Powered Application Analytics and Optimisation solution that captures and analyses context-based application traffic to deliver meaningful business intelligence - about applications, users, locations and devices.

It is the industry’s very first and only – patent pending - solution to transform the Network into a Strategic Business Asset - by enabling the mining of network-based business events and strategic information that help business leaders make faster and more informed decisions. It does this all from a centralised command and control centre that combines Network Management with Business Analytics.

Purview allows IT operations to optimise the network for each and every application, enhance security for those applications and provide data for business analytics. This empowers IT to turn the network into a strategic business asset that can now provide value to other lines of business, and it enables business innovation powered by the network infrastructure.

Using Purview for Business Analytics

Purview’s analytical capabilities make the unknown – known by transforming seemingly unrelated and detailed information into meaningful, business-focused intelligence. This enables organisations to apply analytics to outperform their peers and grow the business by empowering them to analyse application investments and ROI.

Purview_Screen.pngWith Purview, an organisation is able to understand the adoption and usage of applications to ensure that investments are being maximised. Having access to information about application usage by device type and the flow of users – where they go first, how long they stay, what applications they use, what websites they visit and at what times of the day – can help the businesses make more informed decisions.

Using Purview to Optimise Network Management

Purview can be used to optimise the network and server architecture to best support bandwidth intensive applications, enhance user productivity and streamline troubleshooting. Purview provides visibility into application usage and from where the application is being used. By locating servers closest to the largest user populations for those applications, network bandwidth is freed up for other applications. Purview can also be used to help to determine how to optimise performance, thereby leading to quicker application response times for users, reduced service operations and higher user productivity.


When performance or other issues are reported to the helpdesk, it is often hard to tell if the issue is the network, application, client or server. Purview separates application and network response times and reports them on a per-application basis, and also a per-user basis for each application. This allows IT to focus on the true problem, eliminate finger pointing and quickly resolve the issue. 

Using Purview to Enhance Security

Purview can be used to help detect malicious applications and find Shadow IT or unapproved applications on the network. With users’ easy access to so many applications and websites, including those not provided by the organisation, there is a need to understand whether or not the applications in use on your network meet security requirements. Purview allows you to understand what applications are in use and how they are being used to understand if the right products are being supported. While not all unapproved applications are a security risk, they can still impact IT.

Purview-App-Adoption.pngPurview allows applications to be monitored to understand which applications are in use that are not on the approved list. By understanding the type of users who are using these applications and which applications they are, IT can then start to understand why they are being used. This allows IT to not only proactively identify potential security risks, but to also help analyse whether the approved applications are meeting the needs of the business.