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The Wireless Market Becomes Yet More Black And White - Extreme Networks Completes Zebra WLAN Acquisition…

Firstly a thank-you to everyone that has braved this blog in spite of its terribly unfunny opening salvo. I promise to be absolutely 100% pun free for the duration…

Firstly a thank-you to everyone that has braved this blog in spite of its terribly unfunny opening salvo. I promise to be absolutely 100% pun free for the duration…

At the beginning of September Extreme Networks announced plans to acquire Zebra Technologies’ Wireless LAN portfolio. The acquisition was completed this week, further strengthening Extreme's end-to-end, wired and wireless software-driven networking portfolio.

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Extreme Networks Introduces Industry's First Wave2 Wireless Access Point with Integrated Security Camera

Extreme Networks has this week introduced the industry's first Wave2 integrated camera Access Point as part of the ExtremeWirelessTM portfolio. The AP3916i, an 802.11ac Wave2 AP with an integrated high-definition camera, offers significant cost savings and unified management when compared to traditional surveillance camera solutions.

"We're excited to bring the industry's first Wave2 camera AP to our customers and help them easily manage the continued surge in connected devices for the enterprise campus market", says Mike Leibovitz, Director of Product Strategy, Extreme Networks. "As a leader in the wired, wireless and software markets, our focus is to provide best-in-class, innovative wireless solutions that make networking easier and more secure for enterprises looking to shift to smart buildings."

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IT In The NHS – Not So Boring Anymore…

Datrix are an IT specialist. For many years, we have talked to IT people, about IT things, and the outcome has often led to us successfully delivering IT solutions both in the NHS and elsewhere. For almost as many years, I have personally been advocating a focus on proactivity and on the end user experience, rather than reactivity and the delivery of generic solutions - this time with varying degrees of success.

Recently, for the first time, I decided to really stand by what I’ve preached and speak to people in the NHS who are responsible for the patient experience, rather than networks and IT. My aim was simple – to communicate how our seemingly boring IT technologies can have a massive impact on the people that matter in the NHS – the patients.

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Transform to a Digital Hospital with 802.11ac Wave 2

No IT environment is more demanding than healthcare, which literally defines reliability in mission-critical information systems.

Optimal outcomes – in healthcare services, organisational budgets, IT efficiency and effectiveness and beyond – depend upon wireless LANs providing the best possible coverage, capacity and reliability for communications and patient telemetry monitoring, as well as low-latency access to often (very) large amounts of data, produced by MRI and CT imaging.

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Extreme Networks Scoops Two Awards at Network Computing Awards 2016

Datrix strategic partner, Extreme Networks, was last night awarded top honours in two categories and runner up spots across a further three categories at the annual Network Computing Awards. 

Extreme Networks was awarded 'Software Product of the Year 2016' for its Purview Network Analytics solution, and 'New Product of the Year 2016' in the Software and Services category for its Extreme Cloud Wireless 3.0 offering. 

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What Does 2016 Hold For The Networking Industry?

Extreme Networks and its partners tells us what they think 2016 will bring to the network industry.

Device trends such as BYOX (bring your own anything) has fuelled a high volume of devices in the workplace which has created complexity for the IT department who are in charge of managing the network in which these devices connect.

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Jeremy Hunt Announces Plans to Provide Free Wi-Fi in all NHS Buildings

It's No Secret that the Importance of Wireless Technology in the Modern NHS Trust is Understated. 

As a Wireless specialist working with over 25 NHS Foundation Trusts, Datrix has long understood the reliance that future cost-saving and technological initiatives will have on a secure, pervasive wireless network. After last months' announcement by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, it seems that the UK Government has finally caught up, coming to understand the link between campus-wide wi-fi coverage and better patient care, increased patient safety and higher patient satisfaction scores.

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Datrix Partners with EfficientIP to Further Enhance Security Portfolio

EfficientIP, a leading developer of DDI solutions (DNS, DHCP services, VLAN and IP-address management), has announced a partnership agreement with Datrix, a leading provider of critical network services in the UK.

The addition of the unique EfficientIP DNS Security solution to Datrix’s offering will provide customers with more enhanced security. With more and more businesses relying on IP based applications, Datrix customers will benefit from the best security to ensure business continuity and data integrity.

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How can SME suppliers get a look in to Public Sector Procurement?

Over recent years, various Government pledges have proposed – even mandated – that the public sector makes better procurement choices. Targets include choosing cloud solutions first and buying more products and services from small/medium businesses (SMEs).

These strategies have solid enough foundations – having been designed to introduce greater agility, speed of delivery and cost efficiency to purchasing. They are also intended to boost the British economy, by supporting entrepreneurs, smaller specialists and local suppliers – the sorts of businesses that drive innovation and underpin the country’s prosperity.

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Nexthink V6 Wins Innovation of the Year Award

Datrix Partner Nexthink, Pioneer in End-user IT Analytics, recognised by ITAM Review.

Nexthink®, a pioneer in IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) from the end-user perspective, today announced that Nexthink V6 was recognised as a winner at the 2015 ITAM Review Excellence Awards for ITAM Innovation of the Year. 

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