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5 Ways ExtremeCloud IQ Ensures Learning Continuity

With the long warned Covid-19 pandemic ‘second-wave’ beginning to take hold of many parts of the UK, education institutions are bracing themselves for further uncertainty over the winter term, and beyond.

Schools, Colleges and Universities around the world have needed to rapidly adapt how education is provided since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Online learning and classes delivered over Zoom and Teams became the norm during the national lockdown, and these strategies continue to be utilised now students have returned to campuses.

While the virus is still circulating, it is becoming more common for entire ‘bubbles’ of students and teaching staff to be sent into self-isolation following a positive Covid-19 test result. There’s also the possibility of further localised and national lockdowns as we wrestle to get the pandemic under control.

With this continued uncertainty likely to be with us until well into 2021, learning-continuity strategies need to be in place to ensure a high-quality education can be delivered, no matter where students and staff are based.

Together with Extreme Networks, Datrix have been working with our education customers to deliver such strategies, harnessing the industry leading ExtremeCloud IQ platform. Here are 5 ways ExtremeCloud IQ is ensuring learning continuity.


1.    Cloud and Commercial Flexibility

Whether you need to scale up, scale down, integrate with other platforms or spread the cost of an initial investment, the inherent flexibility of the ExtremeCloud IQ platform and Extreme’s commercial models takes the pain away. Value-based licensing tiers provide a feature set tailored to every business, budget, and IT team’s needs and Network-as-a-Service subscription options ensure deploying a new solution needn’t be a large capital expenditure.


2.    Enhanced Security

With shared desktop computer rooms being decommissioned in favour of 1:1 and BYOD strategies, the rapid increase in the number of wireless devices joining the campus network brings increased security concerns. ExtremeCloud IQ ensures that devices are automatically onboarded and granted the correct level of network access. Built-in Extreme AirDefense continuously scans the wireless airspace to provide visibility into over 40 wireless security threats and student data protection is ensured through encryption.


3.    Reduce the Burden on IT Teams

With on-site IT teams increasingly stretched due to supporting new products, technologies and IT initiatives, ExtremeCloud IQ reduces the burden of managing users, devices and network policies. ExtremeCloud IQ provides IT teams with all the tools they need to automatically identify, onboard and secure new devices joining the network, while providing a unified management application for wireless access points, switches, routers and network/security policies. Machine Learning (ML) provides deep insights and intelligence into client and network health and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can even automatically. Identify and resolve issues and continuous optimise the network.


4.    Empower Teachers to Deliver Classes from Anywhere

Teachers need to be able to deliver quality learning experiences to students whether at home or in the classroom. ExtremeCloud IQ allows IT teams to quickly provision enterprise-grade wireless solutions to teachers for use at home to ensure they can deliver classes seamlessly while having access to the learning materials they need. What’s more, deploying ExtremeCloud IQ devices for teacher’s home use allows IT teams to remotely investigate and resolve issues, reducing the reliance on consumer-grade ISP technology.


5.    Unparalleled Reliability

With the increasingly critical role the network is playing in learning continuity strategies, downtime is not an option. ExtremeCloud IQ operates on Extreme's fourth generation Cloud Services architecture, capable of supporting millions of infrastructure devices and hundreds of millions of clients per Regional Data Centre. All Extreme Cloud Services components are hosted in secure SOC Type 1 data centres with 24/7 monitoring, scheduled backups, and built-in disaster recovery capabilities. What does all this mean? Put simply, ExtremeCloud IQ provides an industry-leading 99.99999% uptime SLA.

For more information on ExtremeCloud IQ for education, check out the demo on YouTube.

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