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A video introduction to Asigra's Recovery License Model (RLM)

One of the main goals that Asigra strived for when it introduced its innovative Recovery License Model (RLM) for enterprise backup and recovery was to ensure that the new pricing structure was fair.

If you look at the current industry model, charging a flat rate for both backup and recovery, you notice that in its essence, it isn't fair. Why should you have to pay the same amount if you recover less data than your competitor? Why are you subsidising another organisation who has bad data protection practices and experiences multiple data loss events each year? If you recovery less, shouldn't you pay less?

It's time for a new, fairer backup and recovery pricing model - one that is based on performance and immediately provides businesses with significant cost savings. 

With the patent pending Asigra Recovery License Model, businesses now pay two separate license costs: one for backup and one for recovery. The licenses are purchased together. Backup costs are based on capacity, and they are always constant on a per GB basis – this is a fixed cost. Recovery costs are based on how much recovery you actually do, which is reflected in a Performance Score. 

The new model is based on a low, limited recovery cost, so that expenditures remain predictable and low even as data volumes rise. This video explains how Asigra's Recovery License Model® works and the business value it delivers.


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