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An evidence-based approach to change management

Over the years, the heroes in books and films have been told to trust their instincts, they’ll know what the right decision is when the time comes, or even to “search your heart”. But we all know that’s not the way it works. In the real world, good decision making is dependent upon access to timely and accurate information.

When it comes to information and communication technologies, organisations often find surfacing and interpreting data a challenge. In a big data environment, how do you provide visibility of the information that allows you to make good decisions?

The term “business intelligence” is not a new one. It may surprise you to know it’s been around for over 150 years. However, since the exponential growth of big data, it has become synonymous with the mining, analysis, visualization and reporting of data.

We’ve had some recent, first-hand experience of this ourselves. As Datrix gradually integrates itself into the AdEPT Technology Group business, we’ve come to appreciate the value of visibility. Having access to clear and concise information has been critical to the success of our projects. On a fundamental level, visibility has enabled us to answer some key questions, like who are our customers? Which customers do we already share with the Group? What services do we offer our clients? What are our SLAs and KPIs? How many service tickets do our clients raise? Without all of this information, there’s no way we would be able to effectively integrate our teams, and no way we could feel confident in our ability to serve our clients.

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The value of visibility

In the IT infrastructure space, we’re still asking questions of our clients about who is connecting to what, and from where. What access to data do they have? We’re still trying to encourage our clients to centralize their visibility and take the time to understand how traffic moves around their infrastructure, and what vulnerabilities and threats they face within their environment.

Our interaction with our customers following the Apache Log4j vulnerability highlighted to us that a significant number of organisations cannot be certain what devices they have in their environment, and what software they’re running. That lack of visibility significantly restricted those organizations’ ability to respond to the threat and made for a significant increase in workload (and stress) as a result of the public response to this particular vulnerability.

As we move into 2022, we are working to add technologies and solutions to our portfolio that will further support this greater visibility of the IT environment. In addition to our Cloud based SASE and Enterprise Networking platforms, we are exploring additional cybersecurity solutions to offer our customers better insights into the threats that they face. We’re also looking at how we can deliver end-user experience solutions that allow technicians and support providers to gain better visibility of the challenges end-users face.

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As much as anything, visibility helps mitigate risk. It accelerates and informs the decision-making process, leading to potential improvements in productivity, responsiveness and service availability. Of course, detailed analytics also help identify areas of inefficiency and potential costs savings.

If you’d like to discuss ways in which we can help you improve visibility across your IT environment, contact us now on 020 749 0800 or email enquiries@adept.co.uk


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