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Build a Mission-Critical Network in 4 Easy Steps

Mobile, Social, Cloud, and Big Data are just some of the mega trends impacting and driving growth in every industry, but what impact are those trends making on healthcare IT departments?

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Wi-Fi will become a utility within the next two years

IT Pro Portal caught up with Mark Pearce, Enterasys strategic alliances director for EMEA, at last weeks' IP Expo 2013 to talk about the role of wireless Internet and networking in a constantly evolving market.

"The thing that always amazes me," Pearce told us, "and they've been saying it for fifteen, twenty, thirty years – 'you never need that much bandwidth. 7 megs is enough. 10 gigs is enough.' It's not. The world is changing.

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Unify Announces Details for Project Ansible, Its Solution for the New Way to Work

Yesterday Unify, formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications, announced details of Project Ansible, a secure and engaging communications and collaboration platform first officially debuted to wide acclaim from customers and analysts in June 2013.

Based on strong interest from customers, partners and carriers, Unify announced an acceleration of the timeline for Project Ansible, including initial customer trials in January and expected general availability scheduled for July, 2014.

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Introducing Unify, formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications

New company emerges from Siemens Enterprise Communications with the mission to change the way Enterprises collaborate and communicate

Built on a successful heritage of nearly 170 years of innovation and formerly known as Siemens Enterprise Communications, a new company was introduced today as Unify, one of the world's leading communications software and services firms. Unify has set out to change the way companies communicate and collaborate, helping them spend less time orchestrating work and more time doing it. The Unify brand and vision were revealed today at events in Munich and New York City and on a live global webcast. A full replay of the relaunch webcast can be found below:

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Mobile as a State of Mind

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking about mobile simply in terms of devices. Both smartphones and tablets enable the connected worker to communicate and access data from almost anywhere. But when we speak of mobile, and as it becomes more integral to workers’ daily lives, focusing on what that experience really means becomes crucial.

Defining mobility within the confines of a device will no longer suffice; true mobility comes from seamlessly moving between devices, erasing physical edges and placing the focus firmly on content, where it should be.

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