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Seasonal fun from Asigra - with an important message

Our Cloud Backup Recovery and Restore partner Asigra has wrapped an important message around this brilliant interactive Christmas story. If you fall victim to loss or theft of data this holiday season, how much of it can you recover?


The Whoville Gazette reports that data from tablets, smartphones and laptops were reportedly stolen by an alleged Grinch like character. Sources claim they saw what appeared to be an individual dressed in a Santa like costume with a green complexion, entering the city of Whoville late last night. Precious data including gift lists, online credit card information, and emails to the North Pole all went missing.

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'Tis the season to think mobile

From 'Black Friday' and 'Super Tablet Sunday', to today, 'Cyber Monday', this weekend has comprised 2013's busiest weekend for consumer tablet sales. But what does this mean to a CIO or IT Manager?


According to analysts, this weekend kicked off a £5billion spending spree in the lead up to Christmas. 'Black Friday', a phrase coined in America to mark the day after Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday shopping season, sees many online retailers offer large discounts to encourage consumer spending. More recently 'Super Tablet Sunday' - the most popular day of the year for transactions completed on mobile devices, and 'Cyber Monday' - the day online shopping reaches its annual peak, have follwed, collectively become a key weekend in the marketing strategies of many technology retailers.

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