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Extreme Networks Enhances Partner Programs to Align with Solutions-based Go-to-Market Strategy

Updated Program Enables and Rewards Partner Growth and Business Transformation

Extreme Networks today announced that it is extending its software and solution-based strategy to its global...

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IT Operations Analytics - No time to save time?

Network technologies are beginning to break new ground. The burgeoning ITOA (IT Operations Analytics) sector in particular is presenting us with products that can revolutionise the way we work and...

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The NHS’ Green Drive and the Role of the Network – Paperless, Paper-light or Paperweight?

By 2018, NHS trusts will need to be paperless, or, at the very least, paper-light. With a number of trusts still heavily paper based, concern is growing that this target is unattainable.


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UC: Don’t forget the little guy

SMEs can also benefit from UC, and it can be an incredibly lucrative market for resellers and VARs.

The average SME is far more fleet of foot than their enterprise counterparts, who may have more...

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End-User IT Analytics - Exposing the Iceberg

Traditional IT service desks work in much the same way and share the same working mantra – no call – no issue. By its very nature a service desk is a reactive rather than proactive entity; a user...

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