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Jeremy Hunt Announces Plans to Provide Free Wi-Fi in all NHS Buildings

It's No Secret that the Importance of Wireless Technology in the Modern NHS Trust is Understated. 

As a Wireless specialist working with over 25 NHS Foundation Trusts, Datrix has long understood the reliance that future cost-saving and technological initiatives will have on a secure, pervasive wireless network. After last months' announcement by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, it seems that the UK Government has finally caught up, coming to understand the link between campus-wide wi-fi coverage and better patient care, increased patient safety and higher patient satisfaction scores.

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Datrix Partners with EfficientIP to Further Enhance Security Portfolio

EfficientIP, a leading developer of DDI solutions (DNS, DHCP services, VLAN and IP-address management), has announced a partnership agreement with Datrix, a leading provider of critical network services in the UK.

The addition of the unique EfficientIP DNS Security solution to Datrix’s offering will provide customers with more enhanced security. With more and more businesses relying on IP based applications, Datrix customers will benefit from the best security to ensure business continuity and data integrity.

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