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NCSC advises UK firms to bolster cybersecurity defences

The UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is urging UK organisations to bolster cybersecurity defences since Russian troops entered Ukraine.
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Visibility - the key trend for 2022

Looking forward to 2022 we've eschewed a list of top 5 technologies in favour of one key principle - visibility.
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Magic Quadrant for Enterprise LAN Infrastructure

We're delighted to see that Extreme Networks has been named a leader for the fourth consecutive year.
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Understanding PPSK

If you’re familiar with wi-fi networks you’ll know what PPSK means. If you’re not, here’s what a pre-shared key is and why a private version is a good thing.
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Bridging the gap between PSK and 802.1X

Using PPSK technology to bridge the gap between the standard PSK implementation and 802.1X
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Wi-Fi by the numbers

When designing a wireless network, one of the most important numbers to factor in is the number of devices connecting to the network.
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To cloud, or not to cloud

When it comes to cloud environments, we often hear about consolidation and cost-effectiveness but there’s another c-word we hear less frequently – convenience.
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What is a red team assessment?

An in-depth, intelligence-driven red team service puts multiple aspects of your security stance to the test - including policies, processes and personnel.
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