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Business Growth Prompts Datrix Relocation


In the wake of the substantial 2017 growth, Datrix recently relocated to the brand new, cutting-edge facility in the centre of Clerkenwell on 25th June 2018.

The modern office has been specifically designed for Datrix and will benefit employees, partners and clients by offering them a much more spacious working environment which includes hot-desking, breakout areas and smart boards, along with a communal dining area that aims to bring teams together more often.

Gavin Camilleri, Managing Director at Datrix who led the relocation project, spoke positively about the transition...

“Our relocation represents an important milestone for Datrix and is a tangible manifestation of our evolution as an organisation. Aside from releasing business capital and using it to further accelerate our growth, our new space offers a contemporary, appealing, functional and collaborative working environment that better reflects our company identity and ways of working
Gavin Camilleri, Managing Director at Datrix

A New Chapter

The new office includes standing desks and larger more comfortable breakout areas to optimise the health, enjoyment and wellbeing of our personnel.

Datrix are ever aware that our people are our most important asset and our work affects and supports the lives of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children, across the country, in hospitals, universities, local authorities and offices, who are the ultimate beneficiary of our efforts. The new premises on Clerkenwell Road is the perfect launching pad for Datrix to pursue the objective to double in size over the next three years.


Current UK Employment

Employing some of the most experienced and qualified technical experts, and integrating best-of-breed technology from the industry’s leading vendors, Datrix is a trusted business partner that can help manage and optimise IT investment and business operations. Our relocation signals the opportunity to challenge the status quo of current UK employment satisfaction.

• 62% of UK workers do not believe they are valued at work, vs. 44% of German employees

• Business Insider reported in 2017 that employees at the top tech firms only stay for up to two years

• According to XpertHR, engineer technicians had a 10.1% turnover rate in 2017  

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