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Datrix Partners with EfficientIP to Further Enhance Security Portfolio

EfficientIP, a leading developer of DDI solutions (DNS, DHCP services, VLAN and IP-address management), has announced a partnership agreement with Datrix, a leading provider of critical network services in the UK.

The addition of the unique EfficientIP DNS Security solution to Datrix’s offering will provide customers with more enhanced security. With more and more businesses relying on IP based applications, Datrix customers will benefit from the best security to ensure business continuity and data integrity.


Datrix and EfficientIP’s solutions will help public sector organisations, local government agencies and healthcare organisations to protect their critical applications from growing threats. Hackers are becoming more and more creative when building damaging attacks, from large DDoS attacks to more insidious attacks such as Water Torture and Stealth Attacks. In 2015, businesses need to use more adaptive solutions to protect themselves.

“Increasingly, we find that our customers want to gain additional insight into their IP addressing and the availability of the ever more congested IP address space”, says Sam Wray, Sales Director at Datrix. “With Efficient IP, we are helping our customers to overcome these challenges as well as preparing them for the future with enhanced DNS security throughout their environment.”

David Williamson, CEO at EfficientIP, said: “The addition of Datrix to our partner eco-sytem is key to bringing new adaptive security solutions to their customers so they can protect themselves. This year has seen a dramatic increase in cyber-security attacks, with DNS being one of the weakest parts of the network infrastructure.

“Public organisations are being targeted more and more - and need to protect citizen’s data whilst continuing to provide the best service. At EfficientIP, we have the solution Datrix were waiting for and Datrix will provide the knowledge and expertise to implement it.”


About EfficientIP

EfficientIP, one of the fastest growing DDI vendors provides solutions to address organizations’ needs to drive business efficiency through network services availability, security and performance.

EfficientIP customers can ensure that their network infrastructure truly supports the business imperatives, ranging from business continuity and availability to reduce time-to-market for new products, services, and locations. Its unified management framework for DNS,DHCP & IPAM devices and network configurations enhances security, availability, and agility of the networks infrastructure.

Customers worldwide across industries rely on EfficientIP offerings to enable policies to be applied and business processes to be automated that reduce operating costs and increase management efficiency. EfficientIP’s offerings are complemented by technologies and services from global business partners.

For further information, please visit: www.efficientip.com


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