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A Focus on De-Risking Migrations

For many large organisations, the thought of changing ISP or WAN provider, or the idea of moving away from an MPLS network which forms the backbone of all their communications, can be a daunting prospect. For some, the prospect is so daunting that they continue to pay a significant premium to remain on a legacy service in order to avoid that perceived disruption.

Whilst the technological benefits of modern SD-WAN and SASE solutions can far outweigh those of legacy MPLS, this fear-factor (and the perceived pain of the migration process) is increasingly becoming the limiting factor which is preventing organisations from advancing their connectivity and enabling their digital transformation agendas.

Over the years, we have gained a wealth of experience managing the more complex elements of WAN migrations. Our tried and tested approach has significantly reduced the risk and timelines associated with migrating away from traditional MPLS infrastructure; ensuring a seamless transition with minimal downtime, minimal risk and minimal disruption.

Let’s take a look at Cato Network’s SASE proposition as an example. One of the primary benefits of a technology like Cato Networks is its simplicity. A close partnership between Datrix and Cato allows us to deliver a number of tangible benefits:

  • An agnostic carrier deployment service, allowing clients to benefit from the lowest cost links available at each site. Mix and match carriers, ISPs and network types to get the right solution and level of resilience at each site. There’s no need to work with a single supplier, which can be costly and impact on network resilience.
  • Seamless transition from legacy to new carrier infrastructure.
  • Carrier agnostic 4/5G solutions for back-up purposes, all leveraging a shared data pool.
  • Every aspect of the solution is available as a managed service.
  • Due diligence site surveys provide validation of each site’s requirements and allow for both remedial work and the creation of an Info Pack for each site that covers the lifecycle of potential engagement.
  • The ability to manage both the legacy and new WAN infrastructure, plus the LAN and wireless environment if required.
  • Comprehensive systems training, free of charge, and unrestricted access to the underlying cloud platform.
  • Agile SLAs for each site, depending on requirements EG: 24x7 or Mon-Fri, 9-5.

Throughout all areas of our project approach, we focus on the small details. From the outset, we produce a project plan detailing transition from current to target network, including variations to resolve/mitigate existing site challenges. This plan will inform the interim designs, define the implementation and provide a detailed testing and documentation process.

When working to implement this plan, we can deliver on-site, remote and hands-off execution options; all of which leverage due diligence taken during the planning phase. For each site, we work to deliver relevant site-by-site migration phases, joint go/no-go calls with all parties, and specific and detailed roll back options should the need arise.

With any form of change, there is an element of risk. By taking a disciplined approach to change and project management we can mitigate those risks and deliver an infrastructure that is more agile and supports future transformation initiatives.

If you would like to discuss any future migration projects, contact the team direct on: 020 7749 0800 or email enquiries@datrix.co.uk

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