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Healthcare Industry Fosters Innovation with Extreme Networks’ Network-Powered Application Analytics

Hospitals turn their networks into a strategic asset with Purview for improved user experience and patient care.

Extreme Networks, a leading provider of high performance networking solutions, today announced that three new healthcare customers around the globe are using its Purview network-powered analytics technology. Purview provides visibility into data applications and devices, helping healthcare organisations inform service improvement activities, positively impacting both patients and staff.

University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Bart’s Health NHS Trust and Indiana University Health La Porte Hospital are using Purview to analyse and improve the availability and performance of life-saving applications, troubleshooting issues before clinicians and patient lives are impacted. With Purview, all three customers have gained significant details and more meaningful visibility and control of all the applications running over their mission-critical healthcare networks.


University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH)

UCLH is one of the largest NHS Trusts in the UK. It is implementing a transformation program where innovation in technology will be used to support its ambition for clinical digital services. Part of the program involves the development and benefit realisation of cross platform technology data analytics to support tactical and strategy decision making.

“We have brought together a range of technology platforms and are working to develop a fully integrated analytical technology stack, including Purview,” said Mark Taglietti, Head of ICT Service Delivery and Vendor Management at UCLH NHS Trust. “This will create a centralised view of end user technology analytics, network analytics and application analytics across the estate.

“The combined system went live in October 2014 and is used to inform a wide range of our service improvement activities across the estate,” continued Taglietti. “The solution enables increased levels of proactive IT management such as identifying issues before they adversely impact users. It also increases security, standardisation, availability, sustainability and enables license monitoring and software usage reporting. By working with our supplier partners, including Extreme Networks and Nexthink we are embracing third party product development and integration, with the sole intent to drive value and deliver improved levels of quality and technical service delivery across UCLH.”

Barts Health NHS Trust

As the largest NHS Trust in the UK, Barts Health manages large multiple campuses across East London and beyond. Its six hospital sites are connected, serving over 56 community centers in the form of GP practices and clinics, 14,000 staff and a total population of 2.5 million. Delivering the best possible end user experience – for patients, doctors, nursing staff, community staff, health visitors, corporate users and academic researchers – is dependent on the Trust’s ability to exchange information and data in real-time across its organisation.

Using Purview, for the first time we now have a full picture of what data is being transferred across our network, to where, and whether it has arrived at its final destination,” said Jason Bincalar, Deputy Director of ICT at Bart’s Health NHS Trust. “We can also identify bottlenecks and specific applications that have speed or performance issues. Purview enables my team to rapidly troubleshoot faults, reducing the impact to our patient activities. This keeps productivity in the organisation high, the end user experience good and our IT costs low”.

Continuing, Bincalar said: “The data we get from Purview also enables us to give priority to certain types of data traffic on our network. We exchange a myriad of clinically rich information, from x-ray images to A&E registrations and patient discharges. This is in addition to organisational data such as the number and location of patients in our hospitals and the typical commercial traffic that you find, which includes email and web browsing. For obvious reasons, it is vital to ensure patient care related information has the priority.”

Indiana University (IU) Health La Porte Hospital

IU Health La Porte Hospital is a full-service, 227-bed acute care hospital serving 1.4 million community members in Northwest Indiana, USA. It has implemented Purview alongside Extreme Networks’ NetSight Suite network management solution and can now control and dictate the flow of traffic across its network. It can also analyse what is happening on the network and proactively shape the network traffic to better serve its end users.

“With Purview, we finally feel like we have a real vision into our network and support to back us up,” commented Josh Mandeville, Network and Data Security Officer, IU Health La Porte Hospital. “We want the network to be viewed as a strategic asset to the organisation and Extreme Networks has enabled us to be just that.

“The scariest thing to network administrators is what we cannot see”, added Mandeville. “Now, we not only see, but also create policy and prevent bad things happening while giving a consistent experience to our users. Purview is an MRI for our network.”

“As some of the first organisations worldwide to use this technology, Bart’s Health, UCLH and IU Health La Porte Hospital, are at the very leading edge of network analytics and are pioneers for other industries as well as the healthcare sector,” said Bob Zemke, Director of Healthcare Solutions, Extreme Networks. “These customers showcase the value of network-powered analytics for improved user experience, understanding user engagement, optimising application performance and protecting against malicious or unapproved use.”

Purview is capable of collecting, analysing and reporting application data from the entire network, including wired and wireless devices, core/data centers, and private or public cloud environments.


About Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks is setting a new standard for superior customer experience by delivering network-powered innovation and market leading service and support. The company delivers high-performance switching and routing products for data center and core-to-edge networks, wired/wireless LAN access, and unified network management and control. Our award-winning solutions include software-defined networking (SDN), cloud and high-density Wi-Fi, BYOD and enterprise mobility, identity access management and security. Extreme Networks is headquartered in San Jose, CA and has more than 12,000 customers in over 80 countries.

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