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How can SME suppliers get a look in to Public Sector Procurement?

Over recent years, various Government pledges have proposed – even mandated – that the public sector makes better procurement choices. Targets include choosing cloud solutions first and buying more products and services from small/medium businesses (SMEs).

These strategies have solid enough foundations – having been designed to introduce greater agility, speed of delivery and cost efficiency to purchasing. They are also intended to boost the British economy, by supporting entrepreneurs, smaller specialists and local suppliers – the sorts of businesses that drive innovation and underpin the country’s prosperity.


Yet it is still far too easy for the public sector to default to familiar, big-brand suppliers. A recent survey by techUK indicated that there are still significant barriers despite the Government's increase in the target for spending with smaller suppliers. SMEs in the IT industry are still hindered by cultural and supply chain problems in doing business with the public sector, but procurement frameworks like G-Cloud and more specialist frameworks such as RM1045 Network Services (e.g. voice and data solutions), should make it easier for SME suppliers to get a look in.

Smaller organisations that have invested in becoming listed on the Government’s procurement framework - a painstaking process of accreditations, proving credibility, financial stability and providing extensive references - have been extensively vetted and pre-qualified. This means that public sector organisations can buy from them with confide1§nce, in a reasonably fast-tracked way.

Earlier this year, Datrix went through this process and were awarded multiple Lots on two major strategic Government Framework agreements from the Crown Commercial Service. These Framework agreements are designed to significantly reduce costs and deployment timescales for Central Government agencies, local authorities and NHS Trusts. It is frameworks like this that make the procurement process more streamlined that will be a major contributing factor in helping the public sector realise the Government’s “Digital by Default” agenda.

To find out which Lots on the major strategic Government Framework Datrix has been awarded, please click HERE.

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