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How good is your GUI?

How does your choice of technology impact your end users? What do all the custom widgets, configuration tools and graphs mean to James from Marketing when he gets into the office and the Wi-Fi doesn’t work, or Sue from accounting when she can’t access the payroll application?

Your end users likely don’t know the logo on the APs in the office, or know the difference between a switch with PoE capabilities or without. So, what do we need to get out of those widgets, tools and graphs? It’s the first word of the department, Information.

The solution you use should be able to give you the information you need to help your end users, from the initial design, through deployment into production, and for the lifetime of the solution.

If we consider the scenario with James from marketing, what information might we need to help him when he says the Wi-Fi in the office isn’t working? What other questions do we need the answers to? Is it the Wi-Fi, or is it something else? Is it the device that James is using? Is it just James who is having issues with the Wi-Fi?

Some of this we can get from James, but the likelihood is he won’t know all the answers (or doesn’t have the time to do what he considers is “someone else’s job”). So, how can we get information to help not only James but others who may be impacted when they get into the office?

Let’s take a look at the dashboard.


The site that James is on looks like everything is online. The switches and APs for the site are online and have connected clients. Let’s take a closer look at the specific location James is working in.


We can see the AP is online. It has clients connected to it and it shows that James is one of those clients. Let’s take a closer look at James’ client.


James is online (or has been recently) and was having a pretty good Wi-Fi experience, all things considered. It also looks like he has been using the Wi-Fi and roaming around the site already today. So, what was the issue again James? “Oh yeah. The website I was going to didn’t work, but it seems to be ok now, thanks for your help.”

That’s another ticket closed. Onto the next one.