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How to Pay Less for Backup and Recovery

For most businesses, IT budgets are already stretched, and with backup data volumes continuing to grow at least 20% every year, there does not appear to be a reprieve anywhere in sight. These steadily mounting costs are partly a consequence of an outdated pricing model for backup and recovery software.

Paying per GB for backup capacity is bound to get more expensive (see the graph below). Businesses are faced with a dilemma: comprehensive data collection has become crucial to business success, but the cost of protecting all this data is out of control.

How to escape ever growing costs

Simple discounts are not a sufficient long-term solution. The math is simple: As the cost of storage declines, per unit backup prices will fall, but given the fixed costs of software development and pipe-power-ping, there will always be a floor for backup prices. However, there is no ceiling on data growth. This means that over time the total cost of backup will continue to become more and more expensive.

Asigra, our Cloud Backup, Recovery and Restore partners, have thought deeply about this problem and believe they have a solution.

The high cost of backup and recovery software is largely caused by the fact that organizations are charged for recovering 100% of their data every year. Market research with Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) found that most businesses actually recover less than 10% annually. Even with a simple discount, customers still pay to recover 100% of their data, despite not actually doing so.

The new Asigra Recovery License Model® is priced based on your annual recovery performance, instead of only based on backup capacity. The model includes safeguards that ensure costs are constrained within a defined price band, even if you experience unexpected data catastrophes. The result is much lower costs today, and even more cost savings over time.

Thinking Long Term: Expected Costs Over Time


Your costs will be based on data recovery performance. Asigra Recovery TrackerTM, which is included in the Recovery License Model platform, will allow you to identify risks of data loss before a disaster occurs so that you can take preemptive action. This is a stark departure from the existing pricing model in the market. It allows businesses to re-think data protection. Instead of a back-end expense that is beyond your control, backup and recovery software can now be treated as a proactive measure against business disruption due to data loss, and improved operational efficiencies are directly connected to cost savings.

The Asigra Recovery License Model is designed not just to relieve the burden of ever-growing backup and recovery costs, but also to provide you with a new set of tools so that you can proactively manage your data environment, and earn more savings over time.

The Savings

According to Asigra, businesses that switch to the recovery based pricing model can expect immediate cost savings of up to 40%, with savings of 60-70% in the long term.

What are you waiting for?

Contact Datrix on 0207 749 0800 or Asigra@datrix.co.uk to discover how much you can save by switching to Asigra Cloud backup today!

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