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Introducing a new, fairer approach to data backup and recovery pricing

Last week our partner Asigra launched what we believe to be a revolution in the backup and recovery landscape – recovery based pricing.

The Concept

Traditionally organisations are charged based on backup capacity, meaning the more you backup, the more you pay. With data volumes growing exponentially, this is not a sustainable pricing structure for many small and medium sized businesses.

The new Recovery License Model aims to align pricing with the true value of backup – data recovery. Instead of paying one fee that encompasses both backup and recovery, customers now purchase separate licenses for each.

Whilst it is essential that data is fully backed up at all times, rarely is there an occasion where an organisation needs to recover all of their data, so why should they pay for it?

How it Works

Backup costs are charged as a fixed cost on a constant per GB per month basis, much like traditional models, but at a much lower rate.

The real innovation lies with recovery. Much like no claims bonus schemes associated with motor insurance, the cost of recovery is determined by a ‘Performance Score’. This is calculated based on the average amount of data that has been recovered in a 12-month period, excluding the single largest recovery to ensure a fairer price.

In essence, the less you recover in one period, the less you pay in the next.

What’s more, the recovery fees are capped so customers will never pay to recover more than 25% of their data, allowing for more predictable expenditure.

The Savings

According to Asigra, businesses that switch to the recovery based pricing model can expect immediate cost savings of up to 40%, with savings of 60-70% in the long term.

What are you waiting for?

Contact Datrix on 0207 749 0800 or Asigra@datrix.co.uk to discover how much you can save by switching to Asigra Cloud backup today! 

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