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More than just Plumbing? The Advent of Analytics and a Change in Perception of the Data Network.

The perception of the data network has changed. With the advent of mobility, the increasing emphasis on analytics, and the explosion of the application economy, the network is at last beginning to be valued as a strategic business asset within the enterprise.

The role of IT is also changing. No longer a mere cost centre, the CIO now finds himself side by side with the CMO and COO in delivering tangible business benefits and outcomes. The modern business is inexorably driven by applications and the industry has come to realise that to deliver those applications appropriately time, money and a good deal of expertise must be devoted to the data network.


More than just plumbing, the new and ground-breaking analytics technologies now available have emphasised the untapped potential of the network and its increasing relevance at the business’ top table. Network based analytics allow IT to gauge the delivery, adoption and resilience of critical business applications, what’s more, it allows the enterprise to identify exactly how, where and by whom its priority applications are being consumed.

Which is my top application? Which consumes the most bandwidth? Who are my top consumers or groups of consumers? What are the network and application response times? Does my hosted application perform to an acceptable SLA? Formerly unattainable information that now - with the right technology - is at our fingertips.

The previously cryptic and indecipherable layer 7 is now an open book and in today's application economy it is paramount that we have a level of visibility and control over those applications that essentially define our business.Whether it be a PAC's application in a hospital, E-learning in a university, CRM in local government - these applications share a common denominator in their respective delivery - the data network. It is there at the network level that we can use the right technology to unlock the power of Analytics and allow ourselves to make more informed decisions about the way we provision and provide our key business applications.

Peter Orsi
Business Development Manager

To find out how Network-Powered Application Analytics can transform your IT department, or for a free demonstration, please contact Peter Orsi on +44 (0) 20 7749 0800 or email POrsi@datrix.co.uk 


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