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I think it was John Gage who first coined the phrase “The Network is the Computer”. This deceptively simple saying became the tagline for Sun Microsystems for decades to come. At the time, the phrase was used to describe the concept of using other people's computers, with the appropriate software, to gain extra CPU power. When we look at where we find ourselves now, it was also somewhat prophetic.

In the modern world, the network is made up of more devices, and more locations, than ever before. Allowing those devices to securely interact and share information, as originally envisaged by John Gage and Sun nearly 40 years ago, is more critical than ever.

As organisations consider how they will deliver the network of the future, contemporary thinking around WAN connectivity, involving MPLS and even SD-WAN, is already becoming partially obsolete. This is, in part, influenced by the sheer number of people who are working from remote or mobile locations, over which the company no longer has any control.

Enter the Secure Access Service Edge, SASE for short. SASE is a technology that is redefining the boundaries of the network and helping to prepare modern IT infrastructures for the new normal. The accelerated rate of change over the past 12 months has solidified work’s role as something you do, not somewhere you go. The digital workplace is one in which users can securely collaborate from anywhere, without fear that they will compromise their organization’s infrastructure security.

SASE can do for WAN infrastructure what platforms like AWS, Azure, and Digital Ocean did for application delivery: enable hyper scalability and elasticity. Spinning up or down sites with traditional point solutions is time consuming and often requires a lot of hands-on IT work. A cloud-native multitenant SASE solution minimizes the manual labour and streamlines provisioning times. In many cases, sites that may have taken weeks to spin up with traditional point solutions may take hours, or just minutes, with SASE. Additionally, spinning down sites is less costly and time consuming, given the absence of physical hardware and wasted software licenses.

As with any trending technology, some companies will be keen to put the SASE name to solutions that deliver some of SASE’s benefits. However, SASE isn’t about a subset of features achieved by multiple point solutions, it’s about a single, converged platform. The convergence and ease of use is what got industry experts like Gartner excited in the first place, and it’s what a true SASE solution should deliver.

The Cato SASE platform, the world’s first true SASE platform, was purpose-built to meet the challenges of the modern digital business, and solve problems point solutions can’t. That’s why Gartner recognized Cato as a “sample vendor” in the SASE category in last year’s Hype Cycle for Enterprise Networking.

To learn more about how SASE can help you to maintain the security of your network, and make every user and every device a productive part of that network, call us on +44 (0)20 7749 0800 or email enquiries@datrix.co.uk.

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