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Asigra Cloud Backup™ Version 13 Released

Datrix Managed Cloud Backup Partner Introduces Converged Data Protection for Cloud-Based DR and Backup of Physical, Virtual, Cloud and Mobile Environments.

Asigra Inc., a leading Cloud Backup, Recovery and Restore software provider since 1986, today unveiled converged data protection with the announcement of Asigra Cloud Backup™ Version 13.

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Latest News from the Asigra Partner Summit

Asigra Outlines Software Defined Data Protection Vision for More Flexible and Efficient Backup Storage Repositories.

Asigra, a leading Cloud Backup, recovery and restore software provider since 1986, today introduced its vision for Asigra Software-Defined Data Protection (SDDP), leveraging commoditised infrastructure and vendor agnostic technologies to provide highly scalable cloud backup storage. Supported by a dedicated program, Asigra seeks to increase controls for service providers and enterprises on a global scale with this first-to-market technology. The approach will counter expensive monolithic systems and is expected to speed deployment of cloud-ready storage for service providers.

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A video introduction to Asigra's Recovery License Model (RLM)

One of the main goals that Asigra strived for when it introduced its innovative Recovery License Model (RLM) for enterprise backup and recovery was to ensure that the new pricing structure was fair.

If you look at the current industry model, charging a flat rate for both backup and recovery, you notice that in its essence, it isn't fair. Why should you have to pay the same amount if you recover less data than your competitor? Why are you subsidising another organisation who has bad data protection practices and experiences multiple data loss events each year? If you recovery less, shouldn't you pay less?

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Seasonal fun from Asigra - with an important message

Our Cloud Backup Recovery and Restore partner Asigra has wrapped an important message around this brilliant interactive Christmas story. If you fall victim to loss or theft of data this holiday season, how much of it can you recover?


The Whoville Gazette reports that data from tablets, smartphones and laptops were reportedly stolen by an alleged Grinch like character. Sources claim they saw what appeared to be an individual dressed in a Santa like costume with a green complexion, entering the city of Whoville late last night. Precious data including gift lists, online credit card information, and emails to the North Pole all went missing.

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