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How to Pay Less for Backup and Recovery

For most businesses, IT budgets are already stretched, and with backup data volumes continuing to grow at least 20% every year, there does not appear to be a reprieve anywhere in sight. These steadily mounting costs are partly a consequence of an outdated pricing model for backup and recovery software.

Paying per GB for backup capacity is bound to get more expensive (see the graph below). Businesses are faced with a dilemma: comprehensive data collection has become crucial to business success, but the cost of protecting all this data is out of control.

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Introducing a new, fairer approach to data backup and recovery pricing

Last week our partner Asigra launched what we believe to be a revolution in the backup and recovery landscape – recovery based pricing.

The Concept

Traditionally organisations are charged based on backup capacity, meaning the more you backup, the more you pay. With data volumes growing exponentially, this is not a sustainable pricing structure for many small and medium sized businesses.

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Searching for a proven Backup and Recovery Solution for your Enterprise?

A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by Enterasys Networks has found that resellers have only sold WiFi solutions to a third (36%) of NHS trusts for patients.

According to Eran Farajun, Executive Vice President, Asigra, Asigra Cloud Backup protects more than 550,000 sites around the world through an extensive partner network of service providers who deliver cloud backup and recovery services as private, public or hybrid cloud deployment models to enterprises. View the video now to hear more about the innovative features in the current release, and how Asigra allows you to recover now from anywhere.

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