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How one CISO tackles third-party risk management

In the second guest blog from our friends at Prevalent, Scott Lang (VP, Product Marketing) shares some insights from a recent interview with a CISO regarding third-party risk management.
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Why Should Local Governments Invest in Cloud?

As the market continues to evolve, more and more local authorities are migrating to the cloud to take advantage of greater agility, scalability and cost-savings.
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How will the Networking and Communications Sector incorporate Drones?

There are significant opportunities for economic gains across all sectors, but the GDP uplift generated by drones is forecast to have a considerable impact on the public sector.
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NatWest meet Datrix CEO to talk all things business

Having established Datrix as a leading provider of critical network services, NatWest Business Hub interviews CEO Mahmood Chaudhri to find out how he did it.
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