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Technological Innovation in Healthcare

Innovation doesn’t take place in a vacuum. When it comes to technological innovation in the healthcare sector, there is often a compelling event that acts as a catalyst for change. The pandemic was that catalyst.
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5 Digital Dilemmas in Healthcare Today

Digital transformation represents a significant opportunity for public sector health organisations. Here we look at 5 top digital priorities.
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How Do We Support Hospital's Digital Connectivity?

Networking in hospitals represents the pinnacle of network criticality, supporting life-saving services and demanding 100% availability.
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Capitalising on IoT in the Public Sector

The IoT is having a profound impact on the digital landscape. In this blog we explore the potential rewards for UK public sector organisations.
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How will the Networking and Communications Sector incorporate Drones?

There are significant opportunities for economic gains across all sectors, but the GDP uplift generated by drones is forecast to have a considerable impact on the public sector.
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