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Nexthink V6 Wins Innovation of the Year Award

Datrix Partner Nexthink, Pioneer in End-user IT Analytics, recognised by ITAM Review.

Nexthink®, a pioneer in IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) from the end-user perspective, today announced that Nexthink V6 was recognised as a winner at the 2015 ITAM Review Excellence Awards for ITAM Innovation of the Year. 

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IT Operations Analytics - No time to save time?

Network technologies are beginning to break new ground. The burgeoning ITOA (IT Operations Analytics) sector in particular is presenting us with products that can revolutionise the way we work and offer significant time, effort and money savings.

Nexthink, an organisation that traces its roots to an artificial intelligence research project at the University of Lausanne, is a company that is dramatically reshaping the analytics space.

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Nexthink Announces Partnership with Datrix

Nexthink, the unique provider of End-user IT Analytics, today announced a partnership with Datrix, a specialist infrastructure integrator. The partnership integrates Nexthink’s end-user IT analytics with Datrix’s support and service offerings.

By adding Nexthink’s end-user analytics to its existing portfolio, Datrix will be unique in its ability to deliver infrastructure visibility from layers 0 to 7 of the OSI model. The partnership will give both organisations the industry’s most compelling IT offering to CxO level, and allow Nexthink and Datrix to offer collective customers significant improvements in efficiency and productivity throughout their organisations, driven by improved visibility and significant time savings in their IT departments.

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