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Visibility - the key trend for 2022

It has become somewhat of a tradition in December for vendors and analysts to look ahead and predict what the big tech trends for next year might be. Gartner have already released their Key Infrastructure and Operations Trends for 2022 and a number of vendors and systems integrators are adding their views to the mix in the form of Top 5 or Top 10 themes or trends for the year.

From a Datrix perspective, it’s difficult to credibly predict what will happen over the next 12 months. There is still so much uncertainty surrounding the ongoing pandemic – who could have predicted how 2020 or 2021 would have gone? So, rather than assembling another list of technologies that reflects what we’re trying to sell (yes, some people do that!), we’re going to go with just one trend for 2022. Visibility.

Throughout 2021, much of the blogging and opinion pieces we’ve read have focused on the way the world has changed – the prevalence of remote working, the need for better security and collaboration, the changing face of network infrastructure etc. We’ve had the better part of two years to adjust to the new normal (whatever that is). As these “emergency measures” become the de facto choice for many businesses, the must-have for 2022 is going to be visibility. Without visibility, and the intelligence it delivers, it’s impossible to make informed decisions and answer some fundamental questions.

  • Who is connecting to what, from where, and on what device?
  • What are they doing with that device and the company data they are accessing?
  • What’s in the Cloud vs on-premises or stored locally? When there’s a problem, can we see where it is?
  • How are we performing in the eyes of our customers? Is a remote helpdesk as efficient as an onsite helpdesk?
  • How secure is our environment? How secure are the environments of our suppliers?
  • How is our “everywhere IT environment” performing overall, and for specific users?
  • Can we get out in front of IT issues before they happen?
  • Are we as aware of potential issues in the environment as we would be if people were onsite?
  • How close are we to capacity against our systems? How quickly can we scale if we need to?

In order to answer any of these questions, we require visibility. Data is big, but it’s not always clever. The key to effective data management is in the centralization, visualization and analysis of the vast quantities of raw, unstructured data. As important as the big picture is, it’s also essential that the data can be interrogated to provide insights on a department, team or user level.

Much of the required visibility is not specific to IT, but IT will be the one common denominator for aggregating the data – in a world where the majority of the workforce is remote, management touchpoints are less frequent, and water cooler conversations are dead – IT is the single function that will see everything that happens, everywhere. This will be critical to ensuring productivity, growth and security for all businesses in 2022.

Datrix have worked tirelessly with our current vendors, and those that we’re looking to add to our portfolio, to ensure that data, analytics and visibility are at the forefront of everything we do – so if you’d like to know more about improving your visibility in 2022, get in touch!

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