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Why Should Local Governments Invest in Cloud?

Why should Local Governments Invest in Cloud

The market for cloud computing and applications has been maturing rapidly over the past five years. As it continues to evolve, more and more local authorities are migrating to the cloud to take advantage of greater agility, scalability and cost-savings.

There have been barriers that have kept local government CIOs from a broader adoption of cloud technology, including budget and contractual considerations. Perhaps one of the most enduring obstacles has been a lingering concern around how secure the cloud truly is?

What's Included:

  • Welcome to the Era of the Anywhere Worker
  • From ISDN to SIP
  • Case Studies; Horsham District Council and Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council


In the public sector, successful Cloud computing implementation does not just depend on solving technical challenges, such as internet bandwidth. The implementation of the cloud will also have a considerable impact on authority’s IT infrastructure, in-house technical skills and the size and complexity of the organisation’s user base.

These potential impacts all need to be addressed to achieve a successful implementation and decisions taken now will have implications for how local governments provide services today and well into the future.

How can Datrix help?

Datrix worked with Horsham District Council to implement a Cloud telephony solution for their call centres, voicemails and switchboard; ensuring the VoIP calls were being routed to the correct member of staff, as well as establishing secure back-up and recovery.

In addition, we provide cloud communication for Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council; managing their voicemails and switchboards. Datrix implemented local survivability, where in the unlikely event that a system outage is experienced, the voice communications would continue to operate via the Datrix Public Cloud solution and without any interruption to users.

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