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Your Wi-Fi Network May Not Be Ready for 802.11ac - Learn Why

802.11ac promises to offer the next wave of Wi-Fi performance but achieving success will take more than plugging in a few new access points

Listen to this on-demand webinar from our partners Enterasys to learn from Doug McDonald and Jon Linton of Henry Ford Health System as they outline the steps they have taken to prepare their 8 million square foot wireless environment for this transition. 

In addition, John Hanahan, VP Product Management for Enterasys will discuss the differences between the first and second waves of 802.11ac products and the implications that consumerized devices have on performance.

You’ll learn about

  • Establishing a coexistence and migration plan to 802.11ac

  • The benefits of 802.11ac in “waves” one and two

  • Channel utilization in 802.11n to optimize and simplify the migration to 802.11ac

  • Access point deployment considerations for migration from 2.5GHz to 5Ghz

Click on the link below to watch now!

Webinar - Your Wi-Fi Network May Not Be Ready for 802.11ac - Learn Why

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