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Secure Enterprise Communication and Collaboration for the New Way to Work


Circuit revolutionises mobile communication and collaboration, bringing together voice, video, screen share, messaging and file sharing into a secure, single pane of glass solution, across your entire team.

Built around revolutionary WebRTC technology, it has been designed to meet the needs of the anywhere worker, without compromising the business’ need for security and transparency. 

Empower your Mobile Workers

Circuit-Video-Conf.jpgCommunicate and collaborate seamlessly with your colleagues, no matter where they are based, through rich conversations. Circuit unites teams with high definition video and high fidelity voice conferences at the touch of a button. Quickly and easily share files, exchange messages, insert hyperlinks and apply formatting to messages to engage your mobile teams more deeply than ever before.

ScrCircuit_Screen_Share.jpgeen sharing allows you to share your desktop, specific applications and files with other members of a conversation. Any participant on a call can start and end a screen share during an active call as many times as they want and at anytime. Screen sharing is also available from any mobile device or tablet with the Circuit mobile application.

Workers on the go? Circuit is available on the Apple App and Google Play stores, so you’ll always be able to communicate with your team. With the Circuit app voice, video, text and file sharing capabilities are all available right from your mobile device. Active Circuit calls can be even be transferred seamlessly between devices, so you’ll never miss a beat.

Never Lose Track of Files or Conversations

Circuit-Search.jpgRegardless of whether it’s a voice call, video call, or chat message, all your interactions are consolidated into rich and meaningful conversations that are always accessible on any device. Once the conversation is started, Circuit brings continuity and context to your conversations so that you can always find and keep track of the people and information that matter.

Afraid you’ll miss something someone said? Circuit allows you to record the audio from video or voice calls for review later. An audio file is created and embedded in the conversation along with the date, time, participants and duration of the call. Team members that missed the meeting can easily catch up without taking up anyone else’s time.

Circuit-Files.jpgQuickly send files to your colleagues by dragging and dropping them into conversations from your computer or Box.com. Your files are conveniently stored within the context of each conversation, so you’ll always be able to find them. With Circuit’s comprehensive search functionality, you can find anything you need from any point in time.

Enhance Security

Mobile workers today are increasingly using applications that are outside of the control of IT to send and store corporate information. Use of these unapproved applications poses a potential security threat to your organsiation, exposing your business to risks such as data loss and data theft. Circuit gives your employees a single, secure platform to share and store sensitive company data.

Circuit operates with an industry standard AES encryption ensuring your conversations and files remain secure within Unify's level 5 data centre. Circuit relies on a secure web browser for connection to the cloud, and the browser uses the WebRTC protocol for real-time communications sessions. All your conversations with other Circuit users are encrypted and secure.