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Critical Network Services

We provide our customers with secure, reliable and highly optimised network solutions that underpin their critical business operations. 

Local Area Networking

A well designed, resilient and capable Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure forms the foundation of the enterprise data and communication landscape. High-availability wired network solutions, from core and data centre through to network edge have been at the heart of what Datrix do for over 20 years. 
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Wireless Networking

The wireless network is fast becoming the connectivity method of choice in the modern enterprise. Our team of vendor-independant wireless experts are amongst the most qualified and experienced in the industry, deploying high-performance wireless solutions in environments ranging from high density, mission critical hospitals to smaller but equally critical enterprise customers.

Network Management & Security

Our network management, access and security solutions provide granular control and management over your entire network infrastructure, from data centres to mobile endpoint devices connected to your wireless network. With enterprise network requirements constantly evolving, we help organisations future-proof their access and security systems, and align their business with growing trends such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). 
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Network Analytics

Network managers are being asked to support an ever-growing number of technologies, applications and services across multiple business units. With the adoption of software-defined networking and the diversity of devices in today's enterprise, troubleshooting has become much more complex. Our network analytics solutions help network managers identify exactly which devices and applications are in use across the network, identify root causes and optimise network and application performance.
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