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Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Our secure cloud platform enables organisations to provision on-demand, scalable and flexible IT services, quickly and easily.

Cloud Telephony

A high quality, highly reliable and highly secure voice infrastructure is at the heart of all great businesses. As your business evolves, your telephony solution needs to keep up, with new features and functionality to meet the ever changing needs of your workforce. Our Cloud Voice solution is the fastest, most cost-effective route to a next generation voice infrastructure, providing unparalleled reliability, scalability and security for a simple per-user per-month cost.

Cloud Unified Communications

Unified Communications empower your employees to work much smarter and more productively, from absolutely anywhere, at any time. Our Unified Communications solutions extract the most value from your voice system, meeting the needs of today's flexible workplace culture and increasingly diverse workforce - mobile employees, at home workers, office based staff, and those distributed across the globe. 

Cloud Backup and Recovery

The data held by your company is your most valuable asset, essential for your sustainability and growth. With increasing volumes of complex data being created each day, traditional backup solutions are becoming inefficient, time consuming and costly. Our fully managed Cloud Backup solution transforms the way that businesses manage and protect their data, whilst reducing costs with a revolutionary new recovery-based pricing model. 

Cloud Wireless

Our flexible subscription-based Cloud Wireless solution is the fastest way to deliver an enterprise-class Wi-Fi network, without the complexity and costs of an on-premise deployment. With management and control handled via our secure cloud platform, only acess points need to be deployed on-premise, negating the need for costly wireless controllers and significantly reducing capital investment and total cost of ownership. 

Cloud Analytics

Network managers are being asked to support an ever-growing number of users, technologies, applications and services across multiple business units. With adoption of software-defined networking and the diversity of devices in today's enterprise, troubleshooting faults and supporting end-users has become much more complex. Our cloud analytics solutions give IT an unprecedented level of visibility into their network, users and applications leading to accelerated fault resolution, improved security and proactive network management.  


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