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Financial Services

Datrix is a preferred supplier of IT and unified communications solutions to a broad range of financial institutions, ranging from tier 2 banks to private wealth management firms.

When it comes to regulatory compliance, few industries are subject to as much scrutiny as the financial services sector. The sensitive nature of financial data places a greater than usual emphasis on the security of network infrastructure and customer-facing applications.

The fintech revolution has transformed the way high street banks, wealth management and investment companies interact with customers. High-performance, low-latency solutions are used to deliver value-adding services across big data networks, without impacting on application performance or user experience.

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Secure Networks

The high value associated with financial data makes financial services network infrastructure a potential target for cyber-criminals. As consumer and commercial finance organisations have embraced cloud computing, mobility and the Internet-of-Things, the number and diversity of threats to network security has grown exponentially.

Datrix provides a range of secure network solutions to help protect financial services infrastructure. With solutions ranging from perimeter security to end-point protection and multi-factor user authentication, we help ensure the integrity and authenticity of financial services network data.

Managed 3rd arty Risk

3rd Party Risk

Compliance obligations within the financial services sector often extend beyond internal processes and policies. To meet strict industry regulations, risk management and mitigation often extends up and down the supply chain to include a variety of third-party organisations.

Our third-party risk managed service is used by banking and financial services clients to manage and maintain what can be complex data relationships with outsourced service providers. Our service provides peace of mind for connected enterprises and allows organisations to mitigate any risk associated with onboarding new suppliers.

“Having gone to market, I am convinced that investing in Extreme Networks and Datrix has been an excellent choice for us. The joined-up management solution has freed up time for our IT staff to focus on other priorities within the IT modernisation project.
Head of IT Systems, Farrer & Co.


Why Datrix?

Experience with the leading


We’ve been working with financial services customers across Europe to deliver secure, transformative solutions for more than a decade.



Our technical teams have over 100 years cumulative expertise in delivering smart, secure networking solutions within tightly regulated industries.



Experts in cloud and on-premises deployments, we’re called upon to design, build and optimise a wide range of hybrid IT and communications networks.

Secure by default


ISO/IEC 27001 and 2000-1 accredited, we work to ITIL service management best practice, ensuring our networking solutions are secure by design.

Trusted Partner


Our professional services teams work with our financial services clients throughout the lifecycle of any project to ensure quality of service.

Managed Security Operations Centre

The complex and fluid nature of modern borderless infrastructure exposes both systems and data to a wide range of cyber-threats. Many organisations struggle to maintain the required level of expertise to support a Security Operations Centre (SOC) in-house, that’s why they’re turning to Datrix for Security-as-a-Service.

Our managed SOC is an outsourced service that enables financial services organisations to respond to known and emerging threats in real-time. Services include everything from Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) to behavioural analytics, malware protection to managed firewall.

Managed Security Operations Centre
Unified Communications

Unified Communications

The legal community is ethically bound to adhere to best practices in their dealings with wireless networks, especially when communicating with clients and protecting their personal information. Lawyers also have to ensure that they accurately represent and/or litigate their clients’ activities vis-a-vis wifi as well. With the constantly changing technological landscape, maintaining standards involving ethical issues in wireless networks is no easy task.

Our Wi-Fi access control solutions enable IT administrators to provide finely controlled, differentiated wireless connectivity to multiple user groups. Through defining individual user profiles for specific groups, devices and locations, users can quickly on-board and have access to the resources they need, whilst IT can ensure security and network performance.