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Firewall Penetration Testing

Datrix have been relied upon to secure the perimeter of the UK’s critical national institutions and infrastructure for more than a decade.

Penetration Testing (Pen Testing) is used to validate an organisation’s security stance, both in terms of its resilience and its compliance with relevant standards. Also known as ethical hacking, pen testing is an authorised attempt to breach some, or all, of an organisation’s systems. Consisting of a simulated attack, pen testing is used to identify any security weaknesses and forms the basis of recommendations for remedial action.

We offer three types of pen testing services: Internal, External and Wireless.

Internal network pen testing is used to assess the security of internal systems and identify any potential vulnerabilities that may be exploited by rogue or unauthorised users.

External network pen testing is used to assess how securely your organisation is connected to external systems, such as third party applications, cloud services and the internet.

Wireless network pen testing is used to identify unsecured access points or unauthorised devices with access to your private network.

"We have used Datrix for the last 7 years. Their support, experience and product delivery is exceptional. We have rolled out their solutions into five of our schools, and have never encountered any issues with a setup across any of our sites."
Mark Baker, ICT Director, The Hastings Academies Trust and The University of Brighton Academies Trust

Reports & Analysis

Post-analysis we issue a report detailing your ability to effectively protect your network, devices and applications from a range of threats. Reports compirise

  • A list of identified vulnerabilities
  • A risk assessment associated with each vulnerability
  • A severity report highlighting critical fixes
  • Recommendations for remediation
  • An assessment of standards compliance
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Firewall Penetration Testing

Systems evolve over time, as do external threats. Pen testing should not be considered a one-and-done process. Read more about our Firewall Penetration Testing services here:

Firewall Penetration Testing Data Sheet