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Datrix offer simplified procurement paths through a number of leading public sector framework agreements.

RM1045 - Network ServicesRM1058-Approved.png

About RM1045

The Network Services agreement, RM1045, provides public sector customers with continued access to networks and telecommunications services, including PSN compliant services. It will deliver savings, choice and flexibility for all publicly funded organisations; whilst ensuring compliance with the wider government technology strategy through Crown Commercial Service's ongoing engagement with the Government Digital Service (GDS).

The agreement replaces three existing arrangements: RM860 PSN Connectivity, RM1498 PSN Services and RM1035 Telephony Services; and provides a path for customers to migrate services from a number of legacy in-scope arrangements.

For more information on any of our RM1045 Services, please contact Sam Wray on swray@datrix.co.uk

RM1058 - Technology ServicesRM1058-Approved.png

About RM1058

The Technology Services framework agreement, RM1058, has been developed in collaboration with the GovernmentDigitalService (GDS). Its primary purpose is to enable Central Government, Local Authorities and NHS Trusts to take significant steps towards the “Digital by Default” agenda.

The agreement provides public sector organisations access to a range of managed services from pre-approved suppliers, removing the need for full OJEU procurement, significantly reducing timescales and costs for the provision of IT services. 

For more information on any of our RM1058 Services, please contact Sam Wray on swray@datrix.co.uk

G-Cloud 7GCloud_7.png

About G-Cloud

The G-Cloud programme is a cross-government initiative to encourage the adoption of Cloud Services across the whole of the Public Sector. Now in its seventh iteration, the programme focuses on cloud computing's cost saving and flexibility benefits, enabling more efficient, accessible means of delivering public services, whilst reducing costs for UK taxpayers and helping to grow the economy.

For more information on any of our G-Cloud 7 Services, please contact Sam Wray on swray@datrix.co.uk

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