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There are few more complex IP environments in the UK today than in our hospitals. Networking in NHS environments represents the pinnacle of network criticality and availability and we at Datrix have been working with the NHS for a number of years now. Currently we work with over 20 different NHS trusts delivering voice, data, analytics and MDM solutions and working so extensively with the NHS in this way has helped us to come to understand the particular challenges facing the healthcare sector. 

Clinical Mobility

Mobility is an area of concern for most organisations, but for few is it as complex, mandated and challenging as it is for NHS trusts. There are a handful of key clinical applications and services that are the lifeblood of the modern trust and to deliver them securely to any device, anywhere is the ultimate ambition. 

The benefits of being able to deliver EPR (Electronic Patient Records) or PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) to a clinician’s device right at the bedside have obvious and tangible benefits with regards to quality and effectiveness of care. To deliver these applications across a diverse range of devices and locations, and in a manner that fulfils all security and patient information mandates requires specialist knowledge and experience as well as careful vendor selection. 

Datrix has been working with its select group of vendors for two decades to carefully select and shape solutions specifically for the NHS and its increasingly intricate networking environments.


Critical Network Infrastructure

As well as the complexity of networking in the NHS there is also the criticality to consider. Nowhere is the concept of five nines more applicable than within our hospital environments. Telemetry monitors, blood refrigeration units and infusion pumps are just an assortment of the array of clinical devices now IP enabled and dependant on network connectivity. 

As well as these devices the uninterrupted delivery of key clinical applications and services such as EPR, PACS and E-Prescribing, are all dependant on the network, both wired and wireless. Without these clinical devices and applications, it is fair to say that the modern hospital struggles to function, network outages, in Extreme cases, can see A+E departments closed altogether.


Analytics technologies are becoming more and more vital to the day to day operations of our NHS clients. Deploying technologies from our two key analytics vendors, Extreme Networks and Nexthink, we help our customers to understand how their IT services are being both provisioned and consumed, where issues in service delivery lie, how key clinical applications are being utilised, the rate at which they are being adopted etc.
One such example of this would be the current drive within the NHS to adopt a paperless of paper light strategy. Achieving a paperless hospital would require the deployment of a highly resilient, always available Software platform. Any such project would likely represent a major investment on the part of the trust and Analytics can play a part in ensuring both a successful delivery and speedy ROI. 

Analytics, in this instance would allow the trust to ascertain the rate of adoption of its new investment, to understand the extent at which is being utilised, to identify any problems in service delivery and where those issues reside; with the network, server or application itself. Solutions of this sort can also be used to monitor the performance of Outsource suppliers and the services they provide, providing clear and concise analytics to avoid unnecessary finger pointing when problems arise.


Improving the Patient Experience

Never before has IT had such a tangible effect on the Patient experience than today. IT has become a key enabler of technologies that can have a real and palpable effect on patient satisfaction and outcomes. As well as the obvious experience enhancing technologies such as Patient Entertainment systems and Guest wireless services there are less apparent benefits that IT can bring, enabling clinical mobility for example, allowing a clinician to present a patient’s scan back to them on a mobile device at the bedside as opposed to a fixed terminal elsewhere on a ward.

Enabled by IT and delivered securely to the bedside, application mobility such as this can have a significant and ultimately positive impact on patient experience.

Having worked with Datrix for over 5 years, they have consistently demonstrated a very high level of commitment in assisting and supporting the Trust. They are helpful, dynamic and responsive, and always strive to meet and exceed my expectations.
Ed Sturt, Head of Infrastructure, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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Why Datrix?

25 NHS Trust and Counting...

Datrix have over 20 years' experience in the Healthcare sector, currently delivering critical network infrastructures, support and managed services to over 25 NHS Trusts' across the United Kingdom

Experts in Healthcare Wireless

We have deployed some of the largest wireless infrastructures within the healthcare sector. With a team of dedicated wireless consultants, we have unrivalled expertise in overcoming the unique challenges posed by density hospital environments.

Improving the Patient Experience

From providing Wi-Fi access to patients to enabling new technologies such as Mobile EPR, PACS and RFID Asset Tracking solutions, streamlining patient flow and improving the patient experience is at the heart of everything we do in the healthcare sector

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We are an ISO/IEC 27001 and 20000-1 accredited organisation, with UK based data centres, operating to ITIL service management best practices. You can rest assured that your data will be secure at all times


We employ some of the most experienced and qualified consultants and technical experts, and have long standing relationships with the industry’s leading vendors