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Higher Education
IT Solutions

Higher Education IT Solutions

Today UK universities compete for students just as high street retailers compete for customers. As such, modern universities find themselves leveraging all resources available to them to attract the best and the brightest.
Technology can be a tangible differentiator in this sector, facilitating new and creative ways for universities to engage and support students, whilst providing students with the applications, resources and connectivity that enhances their academic and social experience. 
With our skills and expertise in critical, high-density environments, Datrix can deliver a wide range of vital capabilities to higher education institutions, including core networking, IP telephony, and affordable and secure cross-campus Wi-Fi.

Campus Wireless

Students expect campus wide wireless. They expect it in their lecture halls and student unions just as they do in their halls of residence. They expect to roam seamlessly across campus, to authenticate once and to have an uninterrupted and consistently available wireless service. What’s more, more often than not, they expect to be able to use bandwidth intensive applications such as high definition video which, in highly dense environments such as a Hall of residence can put excessive strain on a wireless network.

Datrix have been designing Wireless Networks for dense and demanding environments for a number of years. We have both specialist wireless surveying and deployment teams to ensure that we deliver wireless solutions with wired-like reliability and continuity of service. With the advent of 11.ac wireless technology and the increasing diversity of wireless enabled devices, Datrix understand the challenges surrounding wireless deployments within the education sector, and can offer the expert consultancy, survey, design, installation and support services required for successful wireless projects. 


Network Based Application Analytics

To provide teachers, students, staff and other users with the network performance they need, IT departments need to know exactly how their network is being consumed. They need to know what applications are being used, which devices are being used to access these applications, and from where and at what time users are connecting to the network. 

Extreme Networks’ Purview software provides meaningful analytics across the entire education infrastructure. The detailed network usage data provides insight into how network, application, and bandwidth resources are used throughout the campus, allowing IT departments to optimise design and provisioning of network resources to ensure applications get the performance they need, and users get the quality of service they expect. 

End-User IT Analytics

Educational institutions face major challenges and transformational needs as technology assumes a more important role in the delivery of education.  In today's classrooms, iPads, laptops and other mobile devices are as commonplace as textbooks. The growing use of videos and registration to online courses across universities increase the need for better network availability and consistent quality of services. Good capacity planning and control of applications that may the overload the network and ultimately affect the online offering are key.

To improve the delivery of educational services and better meet their users’ needs, Universities must gain more visibility into how its endpoints are performing, and especially how end-users are connecting to and accessing critical services. In addition to optimising IT operations and support, there is also a need for a solution that can help enforce security policies and ensure compliance. Nexthink provides essential visibility and insight for IT governance, risk management and compliance, including the ability to measure the effectiveness of IT operations, support, and security from the perspective of the end-user.


Wi-Fi Access Control

Mobility is key within higher education establishments: teachers, students and staff are always on the move, and always need connectivity. Internet access is increasingly part of the learning process, and whilst connected, users should be kept safe from inappropriate content and malicious applications, yet still have access to the learning resources they rely on. 

Our Wi-Fi access control solutions enable IT administrators to provide finely controlled, differentiated wireless connectivity to multiple user groups. Through defining individual user profiles for specific groups, devices and locations, users can quickly on-board and have access to the resources they need, whilst IT can ensure security and network performance. 

We have used Datrix for the last seven years. Their support, experience and product delivery is exceptional. We have rolled out their solutions into five of our schools and have never encountered any issues with a setup across any of our sites.
Mark Baker, ICT Director at The University of Brighton Academies Trust 
Datrix have the knowledge and expertise to handle our clearing operation requests. Datrix helped us achieve a successful operation that ran like clockwork. I would recommend Datrix to any organisation as they fully understand customer requirements & how to fulfil them.
Minesh Chikniwala, Deputy CIO at University of Bedfordshire

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Why Datrix?

Experts in Campus Wireless

We specialise in delivering high-performance, secure pervasive wireless networks to high-density, multi-campus environments. 

Flexible Procurement Options

We can tailor a procurement path to best suit your business needs, including capital and operational investment models and finance options

Single-Pane-Of-Glass Visibility

With our network management and analytics solutions, we help organisations gain unprecedented levels of visibility into their infrastructure, applications, devices and users

Secure by Default

We are an ISO/IEC 27001 and 20000-1 accredited organisation, with UK based data centres, operating to ITIL service management best practices. You can rest assured that your data will be secure at all times


We employ some of the most experienced and qualified consultants and technical experts, and have long standing relationships with the industry’s leading vendors