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Insight & Analytics

Datrix offers powerful and intuitive network monitoring and management tools, turning intelligence into insight.

Digital enterprises generate vast quantities of data, every day. At the same time, IT and network managers are being asked to support an increasingly diverse portfolio of big data applications, hybrid technologies and services.

In order to support good decision making, and operational excellence, this deluge of data needs to be transformed into actionable intelligence.

We offer a range of analytics tools that help IT professionals to gain greater visibility of systems’ performance; providing the insight necessary for network and application optimisation.

"Datrix delivered a fully managed, cloud-based contact centre solution across multiple sites.  We are now equipped with management and reporting available per department and as a consolidated view. The whole project was delivered on-time and within budget."
Horsham District Council

Business Benefits:

  • Real-time monitoring of building-wide services
  • Optimised use of energy resources
  • Centralised control of all building services


  • Improved decision making
  • Lower total cost of building ownership
  • Improved health, safety and security

Insight & Analytics

Read more about the analytical tools available, including network monitoring & management, application performance, user activity monitoring, smart buildings and artificial assisted security.    

Insight and Analytics Proposition Sheet