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Network & Application Awareness

Single-pane-of-glass visibility into your entire network infrastructure

Network & Application Management Solution

Today, managing IT infrastructures is more complicated, time-consuming and often costly than ever before. 

Delivering secure wired and wireless networks, reliable access to an ever-increasing number of business critical applications and support for a diverse range of devices and operating systems is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to managing modern IT landscapes. IT departments resort to utilising multiple expensive solutions in a bid to keep on top of their ever-changing remit, but still lack the visibility they need.

Through a unique, single-pane-of-glass interface, our integrated Network Management and Analytics solutions provide organisations with the valuable insight into their entire network infrastructure, applications and connected devices they need to proactively identify and resolve potential issues before they impact end-users or business operations. 


Application Analytics

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of application performance within an IT infrastructure can be critical for a number of reasons. It is not simply about understanding how well your infrastructure performs, but more importantly about understanding your end users, their experiences and the level of productivity that your infrastructure is enabling them to deliver for your business. Importantly, the question of productivity can also be applied to internal IT teams. By garnering a better understanding of the all round performance of your IT applications, your IT department will also become more efficient and more productive. They will be able to troubleshoot issues more quickly – in many cases they will be able to troubleshoot issues before they happen and this will allow them to make the critical transition from a reactive department to a proactive department.

Purview from Extreme Networks allows IT operations to optimise the network for each and every application, enhance security for those applications and provide data for business analytics. This empowers IT to turn the network into a strategic business asset that can provide value to other lines of business, and it enables business innovation powered by the network infrastructure.

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Nexthink End-User IT Analytics

For an IT department to truly become a strategic business asset and deliver productivity and value throughout business operations, they must focus unequivocally on their end users and the experience that those end users have when interacting with their IT services.

In many organisations, IT struggles to keep applications and network infrastructure running at optimal levels. Solving problems proactively before end-users are impacted is much less costly for IT and for the business as a whole.

Nexthink is the innovator of End-user IT Analytics for security, ITSM and workplace transformation, providing essential visibility and insight into IT operations and security for IT Governance. Nexthink maps all the IT services, how they are being consumed, and how the IT infrastructure is operating, from the perspective that matters most, the end-users.

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Network Management

Most network infrastructures are managed on a switch-by-switch basis by over-worked network managers who spend most of their time fighting fires and very little time enhancing the value of the infrastructure as an asset.

By correctly implementing a comprehensive network management solution which encompasses the wired and wireless network and all associated security solutions, network managers can gain visibility into everything happening on their infrastructure at all times, allowing them to manage their network more effectively, to troubleshoot more quickly and to truly understand the infrastructure that they are supporting. 

The NetSight management product developed by Extreme Networks is a single pane of glass management system that provides wired/wireless visibility and control from the data center to the mobile edge. The intelligence, automation, and integration of your management software enable the IT organization to optimize the efficiency of network operations and reduce total cost of ownership.

NetSight is distinctive for granularity that reaches beyond ports, VLANs and SSIDs down to individual users, applications, and protocols. NetSight increases efficiency, enabling IT staff to avoid time-consuming manual device-by-device configuration tasks. NetSight fills the functionality gap between traditional element managers that offer limited vendor-specific device control, and expensive, complex enterprise management applications. NetSight is a key component of OneFabric™ Control Center, Extreme Networks’ predictive network management solution for end to end application delivery.

CA Spectrum Root Cause Analysis

Managing networks to deliver optimal performance and availability is critical for many businesses. However, due to the inherent complexity and dynamic nature of modern IT infrastructures, network administrators often lack the visibility and management tools they need. 

Datrix have developed the capability to offer one of the industry’s most advanced network monitoring and management tools on an as-a-service basis, allowing organisations of all shapes and sizes to benefit from a solution designed for the largest and most complex environments.

CA Spectrum can enable your organization to discover, optimize and improve its infrastructure and the business services running on top of it. By delivering large-enterprise scalability, robust features and superior root cause analysis, this solution can help your organization effectively manage its dynamic, complex IT infrastructure—including physical, virtual and cloud environments as well as network virtualization. The improved architecture of CA Spectrum reduces time and cost associated with the administration of multiple management consoles by supporting tens of thousands of devices and millions of models—increasing scalability while simplifying staff management. 

This solution offers the visibility and control administrators need to track network availability, performance and service levels. Utilizing CA Spectrum, administrators can better understand issues that jeopardize reliable performance such as configuration changes, unanticipated events and outages. The invaluable root cause analysis integrated into CA Spectrum helps administrators identify and correct the causes of these issues and prevent future recurrences.

The analytics solution enables increased levels of proactive IT management, such as identifying issues before they adversely impact users. It also increases security, standardisation, availability, sustainability and enables license monitoring and software usage reporting across the trust.
Mark Taglietti, Head of ICT Service Delivery and Vendor Management, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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Proven in the Most Complex Environments

We have deployed Network and Application Awareness solutions in some of the UK's most complex and critical environments, significantly increasing the capabilities of IT departments

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Quickly identify and resolve network faults, design inefficiencies and end-user issues, improving the performance of your infrastructure and maximising the productivity of your workforce

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Our Network Management and Analytics solutions can be deployed across any existing infrastructure, regardless of the technology vendor. 

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We are an ISO/IEC 27001 and 20000-1 accredited organisation, with UK based data centres, operating to ITIL service management best practices. You can rest assured that your data will be secure at all times


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