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Network Audit & Healthchecks

Datrix's packaged services help ensure your infrastructure remains fit-for-purpose and able to support future organisational needs.

As an organisation evolves, so should its IT and communications infrastructure.  Over time, new people, processes and technologies are introduced that may place a strain on existing systems or render them obsolete.

A network audit from Datrix will help you establish if your technology estate is still fit for purpose and capable of supporting current or future organisational objectives. It is designed to establish an accurate picture of the current state of an organisation’s infrastructure.

"Datrix offered us total visibility into Who and What accessed the network, When it gained that access, Where it was when it gained that access and an auditable trail of what applications and data that user accessed and what experience they had with those applications."

Farrer and Co LLP

Business Benefits:

  • Optimise network performance by validating existing infrastructure against industry best practice
  • Compile a comprehensive overview of your infrastructure estate
  • Identify legacy or out of date components that are not fit-for-purpose
  • Identify design flaws or bottlenecks that may be affecting performance
  • Outline remedial actions and highlight elements incompatible with business objectives
  • Determine if services are ready for migration to the cloud

Network Audit & Healthchecks

Audit and health check services from us following a three steps approach including validation, identification and recommendation report.

Network Audit and Healthchecks Data Sheet