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Palo Alto Networks

Secure your enterprise against tomorrow's threats, today.

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Palo Alto Networks is the global leader in cyber security across clouds, networks and mobile devices. Consistently awarded the highest loyalty ratings and net promoter scores in the industry, the company’s highly effective and innovative Security Operating Platform is relied upon to protect tens of thousands of organisations and their customers.

As a Gold Partner, we are able to take Palo Alto’s continuous innovations in cyber security and adapt them seamlessly to your business, combining the latest breakthroughs in security, automation and analytics to protect every part of your digital world. 

"Palo Alto Networks prides itself on assisting organisations in the handling of cyberattacks across clouds, networks and mobile devices" 

Services include:

  • Network Security

  • Next Generation Firewall

For more information, visit the Palo Alto Networks website.

  • Cloud Native Security

  • Security Operations Management

Security Subscription Services

The scope and scale of cyberattacks continues to increase. Simply layering solutions over existing firewalls is not an effective way to protect your critical data and applications. Palo Alto offers a range of subscription-based services to help secure your business:

  • IoT Security
  • DNS Security
  • SD WAN
  • Threat Prevention
  • URL Filtering
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