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Patching & Upgrades

Datrix ensures all firmware and software remains up to date supporting systems availability and security to deliver against your business objectives.

When it comes to business continuity, employee productivity and user experience, outdated software and firmware can be as significant a risk to business operations as hardware failures. In addition to more limited functionality, older or unsupported software versions can suffer from a host of bugs that have been fixed in later revisions. Worse still, a failure to patch on a regular basis exposes organisations to needless risk; threatening the integrity and security of business-critical data.

Outsourcing your patching and firmware updates to us provides access to a skilled team of vendor-accredited technicians who can ensure all firmware and software remains up to date and continues to deliver against your business objectives.

"Having worked with Datrix for over 5 years, they have consistently demonstrated a very high level of commitment in assisting and supporting the Trust. They are helpful, dynamic and responsive, and always strive to meet and exceed my expectations."
Head of Infrastructure, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Datrix Approach

Our managed patching service comprises four key stages:

  • Patch Identification & Process Mapping
  • Update Scheduling & Planning
  • Patch Rollout and Deployment
  • Post Update Support and QA

Firmware Patching and Upgrades

You can read about our managed patching service process in more detail here:

Firmware Patching & Upgrades Data Sheet