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Datrix provides a range of wired and wireless networking, unified communications and data analytics services to some of the UK leading retailers.

The retail landscape in the UK has evolved beyond recognition in recent years. Whilst e-tailing has become the mainstay for some, there has been a quiet revolution in the in-store experience and intra-store, supply chain and customer communications.

Guest wi-fi and augmented reality shopping apps are delivering a more engaging in-store environment. Multi-channel contact centres allow customers to use their preferred communications channels and big data analytics are generating new insights into store performance and customer behaviour.

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Wireless Networks

Wireless networking has long ceased to be a luxury within modern retail environments and is now seen as a standard. Whether used to support EPOS applications, mobile devices or inventory management, wireless networks provide both performance and convenience.

Guest wi-fi access is used to enhance the customer experience in-store, providing access to value-add services. Scalable solutions can be used to meet the seasonal demands in networking resource, to ensure your infrastructure is always fit for purpose.

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Managed 3rd arty Risk

3rd Party Risk

Customer data is an essential commodity and often contains sensitive or personally identifiable information (PII). For today’s retail businesses, securely managing this data should be a priority. However, in a connected supply chain environment it’s not always possible to identify where this data may be surfaced.

Our third-party risk managed service is used by UK retailers to manage and mitigate the risks associated with complex data relationships up and down the supply chain. It is used to support best-practice onboarding of new suppliers and to establish the risk profile of thousands of vendors.

Why Datrix?

Experience with the leading


Over 25 years’ experience of delivering high-performance wireless networks in some of the most demanding physical environments.

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Our UC and collaboration experts work with retailers to deliver omni-channel support for both internal and customer communications.



Experts in cloud and on-premises deployments, we’re called upon to design, build and optimise a wide range of hybrid IT and communications networks.

Secure by default


ISO/IEC 27001 and 2000-1 accredited, we work to ITIL service management best practice, ensuring our networking solutions are secure by design.

Experts in Secure


We support a wide range of network topologies with varying bandwidth requirements, from modest branch office to high-speed core infrastructure.

Data Analytics

Retail businesses generate huge volumes of data, covering everything from peak network traffic to buyer behaviour and individual store performance. The effective collection, collation and evaluation of this data supports future decision making and can have a tangible impact on both operational efficiency and customer experience.

The real-time monitoring of network-wide services enables retail businesses to deliver service improvements and resource optimisation; helping to drive down the cost of sales and improve customer advocacy.

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Retail solutions by Datrix

Unified Communications

Unified communications and contact centre solutions have transformed the way retail businesses provide customer service. Whilst they provide enhanced business continuity, potentially the greatest benefit they offer is enabling customers with a choice of communications media.

Providing a single, unified platform for communications also helps deliver infrastructure cost savings and simplifies the supply chain. Cloud-based UC solutions eliminate any single point of failure within a network, providing greater resilience and agility.