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Secure Networks

Datrix provides you with the security, protection and control that you need to achieve a
secure network.

The IT threat landscape is in a constant state of flux. Cyber-crime is pervasive, with perpetrators’ attacks ranging from sophisticated targeting to brute force, in an attempt to gain access to your network and steal the lifeblood of your organisation: your data.

The increased adoption of new technologies and trends such as IoT, mobility and cloud computing have blurred the traditional boundaries of the network and opened businesses up to innumerable new points of entry. Remote and mobile working has become standard practice, and the IT department is now expected to keep the broader network, its users, and all its endpoints secure.

"Datrix designed and installed a fully managed MPLS wide area network that also integrated with our existing internal and external networks. The new network has unified our multiple locations and provides a single resilient and secure link for communication and data sharing and through which future sites and devices can be connected." Commercial Services Kent Limited

Key Benefits of Secure Networks:

  • Ensure the integrity of your sensitive and business-critical data
  • Protect your network and endpoints in an ever-changing threat landscape
  • Secure and control network access with comprehensive policy management
  • Manage your on-premises and cloud services as one, hybrid network
  • Find weak points in your infrastructure before cyber criminals do
  • Promote full adoption and minimise shadow IT

Secure Networks

Our Secure Networks offering covers a number of different areas, including perimeter security, endpoint protection, network access control, policy-driven networking, secured IoT and cloud access service broker.

Secure Networks Proposition Sheet