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3rd Party Risk Management

Datrix is a trusted provider of scalable, repeatable & effective 3rd Party Risk Management services.

The security and compliance footprint of today’s enterprise can stretch far beyond its wholly-owned systems and processes. Businesses have become increasingly connected to partners, clients and suppliers; and choose to place ever more data and applications in the cloud. Keeping a handle on risk has become a major business challenge. Being able to confidently maintain and manage complex data relationships, provide meaningful compliance, generate risk reports and keep systems scalable can be a major drain on resources.

Our Managed 3rd Party compliance service pairs an online risk management platform with experienced compliance professionals to provide your organisation with a complete picture of your 3rd party risks.

"Datrix have played an active contributory role within our PHE IT Team and have added significant value towards ongoing technology refreshes and innovation initiatives." Public Health England (PHE)

3rd Party Risk Managed Service

Our model enables the assessment of third parties to be standardised and automated, providing a clearer picture of your risk landscape. Key steps in the process definition phase include:

  • Define success criteria & agree scope
  • Identification & validation of third parties or entities
  • Administration & communication configuration
  • Define survey content & associated risks
  • Validation of surveys
  • Third party or entity on-boarding
  • Define & review submission period
  • Validation of responses and survey tuning
  • Remediation & MI reporting overview
  • De-briefing & evaluation of success criteria

What can our 3rd Party Risk Management offering do for you?

Our approach to Risk Management evolves across three core phases; scope definition, process definition and handover and management.

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