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Deliver an excellent guest WiFi experience and gain valuable insight into user behaviour

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WiFi SPARK allows your visitors to enjoy high-speed, secure connectivity through the most flexible, feature rich and scalable guest-access WiFi in the market today. Successfully deployed everywhere from hospitals to sports stadiums, WiFi SPARK integrates quickly and easily with existing systems such as Loyalty, CRM, CMS and Business Intelligence.

As a key partner, we ensure your visitors are presented with a branded and bespoke user experience every time they login to your guest WiFi, with an enhanced reporting platform to track data in real time, along with 24-hour support, monitoring and full legal compliance.

"WiFi SPARK are flexible in their approach to provide a seamless, reliable, WiFi service for every user across all user platforms"

The WiFi SPARK Solution

  • CONNECT - commercial guest WiFi solutions for larger organisations
  • ENTERTAIN - customise your guest experience with SPARK Media
  • ENLIGHTEN - gain valuable insight into user profiles and behaviour

For more information, visit the WiFi SPARK website.

WiFi SPARK is available as a managed service. We will guide your business through the creation of a custom user experience, how to optimise user journeys and even create revenue generation opportunities. Stay in control of everything from how users register and log in to what content they can view, with advanced content filtering and custom reporting.

WiFi SPARK® Analytics

Industry-leading WiFi ANALYTICS Platform

WiFi SPARK Analytics allows you to generate deep insight into your customers’ behaviour. From genuine understanding comes commercial opportunity.

In addition to the standard analytics package, advanced analytics includes demographic data, top visited sites and enhanced business intelligence.

WiFi SPARK takes data integrity seriously and processes data in line with GDPR.

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