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Datrix Wireless Solutions

Seamless, Secure Connectivity for the Mobile Enterprise

Wireless Network Solutions

Every organisation in the world is faced with the challenge of a user-base who expect the same level of connectivity at work as they experience at home. The exponential increase in smartphones and tablets in the consumer marketplace has led to an unprecedented level of demand for the enablement of these devices in the corporate environment. The challenge for all businesses is to derive benefit from the commercialisation of IT without compromising the security and integrity of the corporate infrastructure.

Today, the wireless network is the cornerstone of the modern business. By securely enabling the high performance of consumer devices, organisations can make extraordinary gains in productivity through enhanced working practices, boosted efficiency and improved employee satisfaction.


Wireless Networking

Wireless networks are broadly misunderstood by consumers, senior managers and IT professionals alike. Frustrations with “under-performing” or “ineffective” wireless networks can plague anyone from consumers with their home hubs to IT managers in the world’s largest organisations. In a large percentage of these cases, the wireless network is functioning perfectly and it is a misunderstanding of the broader wireless environment which causes the issues. 

Datrix work with our clients to fully understand their RF environment, focussing on devices, interference and application usage, as well as the wireless network design, to ensure that the network is appropriately designed to meet the individual needs of our client’s environments. By focusing on design considerations rather than vendor specific technologies, we ensure that our clients derive the maximum return on their wireless investment.


Wireless Security

Securing the modern wireless environment can be complex. Threats can come from a variety of sources – some deliberate and malicious, others accidental or careless. Devices connect to the wireless network over which IT departments and network administrators have limited or no jurisdiction. Protecting this environment to the same standard as the traditional corporate wired network has traditionally been seen as impossible, however, whilst it can be challenging, the tools are available to ensure the total security of the wireless environment.

Datrix deliver wireless networks to some of the UK’s most secure organisations and companies handling some of the UK’s most sensitive data. We do so safe and comfortable in the knowledge that our experience and design methodologies ensure the highest level of security, irrespective of the types of user and level of service being delivered.

Wi-Fi Guest Access

Sharing the corporate wireless infrastructure with your visitors can promote customer satisfaction, improve the productivity of suppliers and contractors and even boost revenues for your business. For many network managers however, the thought of opening up their corporate infrastructure to unmanaged and uncontrolled devices owned by strangers can be difficult to reconcile with the perceived benefits.

Datrix can not only ensure security around basic BYOD and Guest Access deployments, we can also develop enhanced marketing and revenue generation strategies to allow organisations to derive financial and business value from their previously unidentified wireless users, whilst offering them an enhanced user experience. With visibility and analytics around all aspects of the connectivity experience, organisations can also understand utilisation and traffic patterns for all users, protecting themselves against potential threats and turning strangers into trusted network users.


Mobile Device Management (MDM)

The consumerisation of IT has led to a plethora of unknown consumer devices, both authorised and unauthorised, attempting to gain access to corporate network infrastructures around the world. In order to satisfy user desires to use devices with which they are familiar and derive the significant business benefits associated with BYOD, IT must secure and manage mobile devices across multiple operating systems. Working with Datrix, mobile devices, both corporate owned and otherwise, can be controlled in the corporate environment by providing secure corporate email, automatic device configuration, certificate-based security, and selective wipe of sensitive enterprise data in the event of loss or theft. 

Datrix work with MobileIron whose platform was purpose-built for enterprises to secure and manage mobile devices, applications and content while providing their employees with device choice, privacy and a native user experience. Our secure and controlled approach to the management of mobile devices in the corporate environment can be the key to unlocking enhanced value and ROI in any BYOD or CYOD strategies.

Wireless Networking

Datrix is PartnerWorks Certified 


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Why Datrix?

Trusted in the most Critical Environments

Our engineers plan, install and manage secure and reliable wireless networks in some of the most critical environments across the UK, including over 20 NHS Trusts and the Ministry of Defence

Dedicated Wireless Experts

Datrix do not focus on technology in any aspect of our wireless deployments. We have a team of vendor independent wireless experts who specialise in designing wireless solutions that meet the unique and individual requirements of our clients

Extensive Experience

Datrix have been deploying wireless networks since the inception of wireless as a corporate technology. We have moved and adapted with the evolution and consumerisation of wireless devices to ensure that the user experience stays outstanding without increasing the management overhead on IT

Secure by Default

We are an ISO/IEC 27001 and 20000-1 accredited organisation, with UK based data centres, operating to ITIL service management best practices, so you can rest assured that your data will be secure at all times


We employ some of the most experienced and qualified consultants and technical experts, and have long standing relationships with the industry’s leading vendors